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Hussey & Co wholesale salad range

We grow the finest gourmet baby leaves and supply them as a single line or combined to create our delicious salad mixes. Explore our full range and discover why Hussey & Co is Australia’s premium national supplier and largest exporter of baby leaf salad.

3kg box salad-box 1.5kg box

Single leaf

Baby Cos

Robust, baby romaine leaves with the perfect crunch.


Mild baby beetroot leaves are a colourful addition to mealtime.


Delicate Japanese variety of Salad leaf.

Snow Pea Tendrils

Sweet snow pea tendrils.


Delicate, versatile Baby Spinach leaves.


Succulent Asian Style baby Salad leaf.

Wild Rocket

Peppery Baby Wild Rocket leaves.

Salad mix

Asian Mix

A delicate mix of Asian leaves including Tatsoi and Mizuna.

Fines Mix

Our most delicate and colourful mix of very small fine baby leaves.

Flinders Mix

A classic Salad mix, made to recipe.

Mesclun Mix

A vibrant mix of baby leaves bursting with colours and textures.

Italian Gourmet Mix

A traditional mix of leaves from across the lettuce and brassica families.